Crystal Wands

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Crystal Wands

Choice of 30 different crystals! All natural crystals and in our biggest sale now! Buy multiple for further discounts! 


Red Obsidian - Powerful crystal to use during meditation to release negative energies. A great tool for clearing auras and protection against negative incoming energies.

Tourmaline - Aids circulation and immune system. Can be used to help with focus and mental alertness. A powerful agent to reduce toxic ailments.

Aventurine - A very powerful crystal for attracting abundance, success and luck. Its soothing energies help to comfort, protect and harmonize the heart chakra. Can be used to heal emotions that are not yet healed.

Obsidian - A powerful shield against negative energies. This stone is considered as a powerful psychic protection with great metaphysical properties. A potent cleanser!

Pork stone - Healing properties for the mind, body and soul - presents the flow of energy to accomplish the physical and emotional benefits.

Amethyst - The great healer! Amethyst is a very powerful crystal known to help heal physical symptoms such as headaches, immune system, endocrine function hormones and more.

Light Amethyst - Positively impacts your mind, relieving stress and amplifying new ideas. This stone helps with your psychic abilities as well as its healing properties.

Tigers Eye - Helps to release anxiety and fear while aiding harmony and balance. Be ready to take action when using this stone - it will help with focus and understanding your emotions.

Lazuli - The stone of wisdom! Best used to open the third eye chakra - see clearer with unclouded thoughts and emotions. Hold this while meditating and gain insight to your higher self!

Fynchenite - the calming colour of this stone helps to clear off negative energies and allows truth and inner wisdom to be heard. Encourages compassion and strengthening of character. This stone emphasizes the power our words and actions have on those around us.

Rose Quartz - Soothe emotional wounds and bring balance and acceptance to yourself. The ultimate crystal for opening your heart chakra. Brings about the balanced state of bliss, love, acceptance and peace.

Citrine - the ultimate abundance crystal. This powerful crystal aids you in taking action on your desires. Use this stone to attract abundance and prosperity into your life!

Unakite - The stone of vision! This powerful stone helps to open your third eye chakra and give you clear vision, grounding you and aligning your spiritual emotions.

Glaucophane - The opener for the throat and third eye chakra. Helpful for finding a solution to blocked problems.

White Turquoise - The stone of awareness. Helps to receive wisdom from the higher self and the divine. It also helps with creativity. A great stone to meditate with.

Colored Fluorite - Many healing properties, this crystal is a multi tool for concentration, confidence, intuition, reducing stress, enhancing protection and transforming negative energy into positive energy. 

Labradorite - The magical crystal - this stone helps to stimulate the increase of synchronicities and boosting psychic gifts. Use this stone to awaken the mystical and magical abilities in you.

Smoky quartz - This crystal has strong grounding properties - this crystal represents the root chakra, connecting you with nature and your body. Try to keep this one with you at all times!

Green fluorite - brings clean freshness to your chakras! Clearing negative energy and inspires new ideas and quick thinking! 

Clear Quartz - The master healer! Harmonising all the chakras and bringing clear thought and amplifying energy! 

Fluorite - The birthstone of the Pisces! Helps to relieve stress and protect you from negative energy. The ultimate happy vibes stone! 

Amazonite - Aids in masculine and feminine energies, we all need a balance of both right? Soothes emotional trauma and helps to see both points of view. This stone calms the brain and nervous system helping to maintain heath.

Sodalite - Opens the third eye chakra. If you are working on your spirituality, this stone will aid you to view through your higher self and the divine. This stone has a strong ability to speed up the process!

Flower jade - The stone of purity. Supports and protects the heart chakra. Symbolizes gentleness and nourishment.

Light green jade - The ultimate stone of purity! Symbolising Courage, Compassion, Justice, Modesty and Wisdom.

Afghanistan Jade - Powerful healing energy - this stone works to create a protective and powerful energetic shield around the body

Green zebra stone - Anti negativity stone! Good vibes only over here! Helps to cleanse the darker thoughts and encourage you to keep going for your dreams! 

Yellow stone - Promotes positivity and optimism! Just like Citrine, this stone is powerful for abundance and money troubles. This stone helps to release negative connotations with money and let the abundance roll in!

Striped stone - The encouraging stone - helps to just enjoy the experience of living! Move out of apathy and into action using this stone! 


Cleanse your Crystals before use:

You should cleanse and charge your crystals before using them. Most crystals can be put in salt water and left overnight to cleanse. After cleansing, they can be left in front of the 'new moon', 'full moon' or Sunrises in order to charge. You can also leave your crystals in the salt water, out in the moonlight or sunlight! See what is best for you when charging, for example, for new beginnings, charge in a new moon!

Please note: Not all crystals are safe to cleanse in water. A good rule of thumb is to never put any crystal ending in 'ite' into water. 


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